2019 APrIGF Elections

Candidate Profile

Vice-Chair Position (2019-2021)

Mr. Fouad BAJWA

Title: Public Policy Analyst, Researcher and Advisor, Internet Research Project (Pakistan) Member Cohort-2012-13 at the Centre for Public Policy and Governance, Lahore
Geographical Location: Lahore, Pakistan
Stakeholder Group: Civil Society

Fouad Bajwa has been actively engaged in ICT and Internet Public Policy related issues and advocacy for over a decade. He has been an entrepreneur, a social enterprise manager, an academic and researcher. His civil society and advocacy group regularly engages with Internet policy makers through face-to-face and media interventions that has facilitated the evolution of pluralism and dissent online. He was a participant in the WSIS process and a Member of the MAG of the Internet Governance Forum from 2009-2012. As a Public Policy Expert, Fouad engages with various organizations and initiatives in Pakistan and other regions on policy areas related to ICT4D, innovation, multi-sectoral and cross-cutting research. From 2004-2007 Fouad led the Free and Open Source Software FOSS movement in Pakistan that helped establish an open and parallel industry ecosystem in the country also featured during WSIS 2005. From 2007 to 2009, Fouad managed a US$160 million dollar ICT4D international partnership portfolio for a global low-cost computing program. Fouad has worked with various multilateral organizations carrying out technical capacity transfer missions in the areas of ICT4D, ICT Policy, Open Innovation and more recently was engaged as an internationally recruited consultant with ITU, UNCTAD and UNESCWA. He has been serving as the Co-Vice Chair of APRALO At-Large at ICANN from 2010-2012 and now from 2012-2014. Fouad advocates for an open and multisktakeholder ICT and Internet public policy processes in Pakistan and empirically monitors the growth of the Internet and DNS market in Pakistan.


Other Nominees:

Vice-chair 2019-2021: Ms. Anju MANGAL | Mr. Fouad BAJWA | Mr. Aris IGNACIO | Ms. Mili SEMLANI

Chair 2019-2021: Mr. Rajnesh SINGH | Ms. Sylvia CADENA